Sunday, 20 October 2013

REVIEW// Loreal purifying micellar solution

Hey my lovelies i'm back today reviewing the Loreal micellar solution. I was quite excited to get it and when i saw it was on offer in Boots i had to have it. It was £3.66 i think. So i think quiet a few people will be surprised when i say i didn't like it. At first when i used it i thought it was okay but when i carried on using it. It made my skin more horrible then it actually was. It made my acne even worse made my skin so dry and tight. And it made me have red patches in places. I thought it was my skin just getting used to using it but after 2 weeks of use my skin was still like it and maybe even worse. So i stopped using it and my skin has got much better. I'm quite disappointed  in it and i won't be buying it again. Has anyone else had the same troubles. So i'm back on the hunt for a reasonable priced Micellar solution.


  1. This dried my skin out too, but i still use it just for taking off eye makeup! :) xo

    1. OOOH Thanks for the tip honey. Will try that out

  2. Aww that's a shame! I really wanted to try it out too. But its great to read honest reviews :)



  3. This is interesting Amy because I've using this lately, and I thought it was really good, however I've had a few breakouts recently too, so maybe it's this? X

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