Sunday, 8 September 2013

Things i love about A/W

Hiya honeys so today's post is going to be another A/W post ( Oh boy i love A/W).
I absolutely  love A/W fashion everything looks so cosy and cute. I can already tell that Tartan is going to be on of them pieces that i'm going to rock also the big jumpers with leggings and boots. Ugh this is getting my excited just writing about it. Also the bold colors are in. I love the typical colors of A/W but i'm going to be brave and get a bold color piece to brighten up my outfits. 
Dark lips and bold smokey eyes are my all time favorite look for A/W. But i'm excited to try out all different looks as i'm usually quite careful with makeup. Skincare is so important for me in A/W because how dry my skin gets. So a good moisturizing  does wonders. I'm dying my hair back a bright red soon to which is exciting.
I didn't no what to call this bit so i just went with it. The leaves turning red are one of my favorite things. Everything just turns beautiful. The hot drinks sitting in front of a fireplace just makes everything so cute. Fluffy  socks dressing gowns and onsies. Candles are my fav too with all the different scents of fall and winter LUSHHHH. The dark nights i love because everything just seems more cosy. Also how can i forget Christmas.  Tell me some of  your fav. Beauty, Fashion, Bits&bobs for A/W would love to no.


  1. Love autumn/winter to. This post made me feel all snuggly lol. I will be doing a similar post to this week :) x

    1. Awww :) Looking forward to reading you post

  2. I really like this post!
    Autumn is my favourite season and I am really starting to get into it now that it's getting cooler outside :)