Sunday, 22 September 2013

Mental Health Awareness Month.

Hey everyone so i thought i would just get this quick post up about some posts i'm going to be doing in October. Don't no if many people no but October is Mental health Awareness month. I don't think mental health should have a stigma around. it but it does. So i'm going to be doing 1/2 posts a week through October talking about arrange of mental health and my experiences to. If anyone wants me to do post about something in particular just leave a comment or tweet me @AmyJWalters_ or email me at



  1. This is a great idea hun. I think people should be more open about mental health and how it effects your daily life.
    I was diagnosed 13 years ago and for years I kept my mouth shut and suffered in silence in risk of being called an attention seeker, but that didn't help at all. People need to know about mental issues AND its nice to know you aren't alone. :)

    Juyey xx

    1. Thank you honey. I defiantly agree with that. People should't feel ashamed of it. I was the exact same honey. But at the end of the day we don't choose to have this so we shouldn't have to be quiet about it. Were not attention seekers far from it. If you ever need a chat just DM me on twitter

  2. This is something i am very passionate about too- look forward to your posts- just subbed :)