Saturday, 31 August 2013

MUA Lipstick Collection

Hiya honey's i thought i would do a quite exciting post for the last day of August. I really can't believe how fast the months are going. But i do love A/W for fashion Beauty an the Dark nights. Today's post is going to be my MUA lipstick collection. I have eight so i don't if its a collection but too me it is because i rarely collect the same range. I like buying and trying our different ranges. But MUA captured my eye for how cheap they are and how amazing there products are. Like i said i have eight i have swatched them all so you can see what the color actually looks like on.

This is such a gorgeous Light pink such a subtle color. I haven't used this much because i prefer more bolder colors. I just picked this up because it's always nice to have a light shade if you want to go for a more darker eye look. This was a £1. This has a glossy finish

This is a more of a pink i would go for. Because it;s really bold and out there. And would defiantly brighten your outfit up in no time. This has defiantly been my most used lipstick through out summer. I just hope i can get some use out of it for A/W. This was a £1 and yet again this has a glossy finish

I absolutely  love this shade. Such a gorgeous orange color perfect for A/W to bring some color. I usually don't go for orange colors cause i wasn't to sure if i could pull it off. i'm still not sure but i still use it. Its perfect if your wearing a quite plain outfit. This would defiantly brighten it up. This was a £1 and yet again it's a glossy finish.

This is defiantly going to be my statement color for A/W such a beautiful plum color. I have been using this like crazy. i think it really complements my pale skin. Its such a bold color but can be used so simply too. This was a £1 and it has a glossy finish

So this is another orangy color but not as bold as the other one. I love wearing it cause its such a gorgeous  color. So simple but so lovely . This has been another favorite summer but i no this one will be perfect for a/w. This was a £1 and it's a more of a matte finish

This a pink color that is between the other two pinks i've shown you. This is perfect for a simple day time look. I don't really wear this alot if i'm truthful. i'm not to keen on it. This was a £1 and has a glossy finish

This is actually the only nude color i own and i love it. It's not coming over so nude on this photo because my lips were sore after taking off my lipstick so many times. but it's a beautiful nude and i wear it quite alot. Goes with anything you wear.. This was £1 and it has a glossy finish

This pink is coming up brighter on this photo this it actually is. it's so light that i hardly wear it because it's looks like i haven't got anything on which i don't like. This is one i don't really like. This was a £1 and its a glossy finish.

 So that's the end of my MUA lipstick collection. i hope you enjoyed it. it was a massive hassle trying to take pictures of my lips. Not as easy as it looks. Tell me what your Favorite color is and how many MUA lipsticks you have. I'm defiantly going to be buying more because there fantastic and such a good product.


  1. Lovely post Amy.

    I think 8 definitely qualifies as a collection!
    I only have 4 MUA lipsticks atm (Shades 9, 12, 13 & 16). I really do love them and for the price, they are amazing! I've been wanting to get a few more for a while. Shades 3 & 4 were definitely on my wishlist but I'm not sure about shade 4 any more as I though it would be more matte and opaque than it looks here. Thanks for sharing!

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

  2. Thank you honey. They are amazing and such good prices.