Thursday, 8 August 2013


Hey lovelies today's post is going to be quiet different from my usual posts. This one is going to be quite a sensitive subject.It's going to be about bullying.This week a girl called Hannah Smith committed suicide due to being cyber bullied on a website called Ask.Fm. Websites like that should be banned because its an open invitation for people to be hurtful and to be really bullied on it. I've seen loads of people who use and i try and stop them because all they get is horrible comment's. I personally don't see the point in and it should be banned straight away. I've been bullied throughout my years at school for being "Different". I've been called names and even been hit by the boys because they thought it was funny. It defiantly affected my self esteem. I still have issues with it now. I was quite feisty back to them and thought i could handle them on my own. But it really doesn't work like that because its always going to affect you. I was really depressed throughout school because i never told anyone about it which made them worse because they new they could get away with it. Leaving high school was the best because the bullying stopped.

What is bullying 
 Bullying is when you make hurtful nasty comments to the person all the time. They make your life a living hell. And it can be physical too. It can be spreading rumors making threats attacking someone physically or verbally. And excluding people from groups on purpose. You might think bullying just happens at school well it doesn't. I think school can be the most common for bullying to happen. But it can also happen at Home/College/Uni/Workplace. When someone starts bullying you. You often find people start to follow the crowd and do it too because they don't want the bully to turn on them. Please don't follow the crowd be the better person and stick up for the victim. You might save someones LIFE.

Cyber bullying 
Cyber bullying is at an all time high because everyone is using social media site. From teenagers to adults. Cyber bullying can be mean text messages/Emails. Rumors being made and it going viral. Embarrassing pictures being sent around and people making threats and just being hurtful.I think that a parent should be checking there child's media sites if there around 12_13 to make sure nothing is happening that shouldn't be. The Internet can be a very dangerous place. If your older then 13 please be careful on your social media sites and please don't use If anyone is bullying you save it and report it because its a criminal offence and its taking very seriously by the police You don't have to put up with it.

How can i stop bullying 
There's a couple of ways to stop the bullying from happening, I know a lot of people won't report it because they don't think people will believe it or the bullying will get worse. But the worst thing you can do is stay quiet and let them bullies get away with it. I'm not going to say that the bullying with stop because i don't no that. But if you at least tell Your Mum/Dad/ Teacher/Friend You have a chance of it stopping. If that don't stop the bullying take the matter higher to the head teacher because no school likes having bullies and they will try and stop it. If that don't help try and change schools and start a fresh. If you don't think you can tell someone there are loads of helplines and websites that will help you get through it.

Useful Numbers and Websites 
Childline website
              Number 08001111

Samaritans website
                  Number 08457909090 (UK)  1850609090 (ROI)

You can also email me

Please don't be a bully because you can rob someone of there life. Please think before you speak. If you no someone that is bullied please speak out because you could save someones LIFE.



  1. I was shocked when I saw this on the news. It's so sad to hear someone so young (or anyone for that matter) taking their own lives because of someone else doesn't know when to keep their opinions to themselves.

    I was bullied when I was in school and it was horrific, but then I knew when I got home that was my safe place, only a few people had my number so I didn't have any bullies get me that way. With sites like FB and Twitter it's constant for bullies to get to people now.
    As for I don't understand that site, it's just a bunch of low life's who have nothing better to do with their time than harass others.

    They do it for "fun"... their fun ended up causing someone to end their life. I don't see how that's fun at all. It actually makes me feel sick.

    I saw a screen cap of some of the things these people (and I use that word loosely) had said to Hannah and then to her sister AFTER she was gone It's horrible.

    You just have to get on the wrong side of Directioners and Beliebers (or however they spell it) on Twitter to see that kids online need banning! I've mentioned "Just watched 1D's vid to "the best song ever," clearly not the best song, but the video was funny!" and had kids telling me to go kill myself and my status was even complimenting the video. They really do need monitoring.

    Also I don't think sites should allowed anon comments or comments on something until you've signed up. I see a lot of hate on tumblr because people can just send messages without signing up.
    OR what these sites should do is when you report a hate message, they get the IP details and report THAT! If kids are using libraries or school computers and that place gets enough reports, they'd have to monitor the heck out of these computers.
    If it's their own computer or phone, then parents should be informed - with what's been said as I'm sure these online bullies don't know what their kids are saying and would be deeply ashamed if they did. >.<

    Juyey xx

    1. Heya honey. Thanks for such a long reply :) Yeah i was shocked and disgusted that someone could make hannah feel like that was the only way out. I'm sorry that you were bullied. i'm glad your home was a safe place :). Did you? i'm glad i dind't see any of it to be honest. it makes me feel sick that people can do stuff like that I no what you mean by the Directioners and Belibers its shocking on what they get away with saying. It makes me sick that someone has the right to go and say that to someone.. Half of them are so young too. Parents really need to keep a better eye on what there kids are saying and doing and doing. I totally agree with that. I don't even no why they are aloud to be anon. Such a stupid idea. Yeah i think the bullies should be found and there parents told. They might think twice of doing it again.

    2. It was horrific the things they said, now people as saying she herself sent some of that hate?! I don't see it - why would you send yourself hate and then kill yourself?
      I know people have sent hate to themselves (via tumblr under anon) so their followers can be like "Don't be like that, they are lovely" which makes no sense to me. But to send hate to yourself AND then then kill yourself? I can't see anyone doing that to be fair.

      The Directioners and Beliebers are outrageous with the stuff they come out with, when you think how old they are. It's shocking. Kids these days really don't get disciplined the way they should. Parent should put child lock on their internet for one. Ban them from these sites. The only thing is some parents even if they did know what their kids were doing / saying wouldn't mind.
      My cousin is nearly 40 and at my uncle's funeral he said "I beat people like you up..." cos of my colourful hair, piercings and tattoos. I told him he needs to grow up and not pass that attitude on to his kids. :S
      Guess some people never grow out of being bullies. Shame really.