Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Review/ ELF Professional brushes

Hey lovelies. What beautiful weather were having. I'm burnt and it's slowly turning into a tan (YAY).Night time is the worst to sleep though. Today I have two ELF brushes to review. The first one is the Elf powder brush it is really disappointing. All it does is shed its bristles when I apply my powder. So I end up having more hair then powder on my face. Really not a good look. I no it was only £1.50 but I did expect some kind of quality from it. The next brush is The ELF eyeliner brush. I don't use it for applying eye liner I use it for my eyebrows because it's the perfect size and shape to fill in my eyebrows without it looking fake and horrible. I use it everyday without fail. I defiantly recommend this brush yet again it was £1.50. You can get any these brushes from there online store. Hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the week much Love Amy xxxxx


  1. Hello beaut!

    Cor, glad I didn't get the powder one back along then.

    Hey guess what I use the eye liner brush for my eyebrows as well! I don't know how people would use it for eyeliner other than painting the basic shape for a cat eye. I found it too stiff but tried it on my eyebrows as I like them thin and it work great.

    Hope your ok hunny :)


    1. Hey beautiful.
      yeah the powder brush is awful.

      yeah same here haha i din't even try it for eyeliner i new what i wanted it for perfect shape haha.

      i'm good honey. Hope your good