Thursday, 27 June 2013

What i got for my 21st birthday

Hey honey's today's post is going to be what i got for my 21st birthday which was yesterday. I had a really lovely dad and was very spoilt. I Have a massive headache from drinking far to much wine. i really think wine doesn't agree with me haha.

21 things

So here's a few pictures of the little sentimental things i got. i probs will keep these forever. i loved my balloon glass and key very much. super girly like me. i was drinking from that glass all day yesterday.

So this what i wore. Super girly. really liked my outfit. as you can tell i wasn't wearing any shoes. but i did wear my mint converses with it.

So now i'm going to show you my presents.


I was very spolit as you can tell by the pictures. so i got the dragon tattoo trilogy because i've wanted it for ages. Anger management is such a funny movie you all should go and watch it :). My two nail polishes are Kelly brook cotton candy and a mua one. i got an eyeliner and a lipstick in shade 1 which is a beautiful orange color. i received two three beautiful pieces of jewelry a shambella bracelet and another cute bracelet which i love. And a Pandora ring which i love so much. Then i got a cute dress from New look which i'v been after for ages but never brought it myself. And then a cute top from primark. I received money from my Mum Sister And dad And my mum is paying for my first tattoo. I'm very grateful and thankful for everything i received. Hope everyone is having a lovely week Much love Amy. xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. It looks like you had a lovely birthday and got some wonderful presents too, I love the pinafore dress and monochrome top :D Love the outfit you wore as well :)
    Love Holly x //

    1. I did :) Thanks so much honey

  2. The Kelly Brooke polish looks really nice!will have to try it!hope you had a good birthday!:)