Monday, 10 June 2013

Review/ELF hypershine lipgloss/ ELF lip liner

Hey my lovelies what beautiful weather were having in the Uk. I'm burnt which will hopefully turn me tanned in no time. ( Fingers crossed). Anyway hope you lovely lot are enjoying the lovely weather too.

So as you no i brought a couple of Elf products which i blogged about. Which is a couple of posts back now . I did say i was going to review them. So my first couple of products i'm going to review is two lip products.

ELF/Hypershine lipgloss 

This lipgloss was £1.50 which is a really good price. I have brought this before a couple of years back when i first started wearing makeup.I really love this product it goes on really well and does last a couple of hours on the lips. The only things i don't like about this product is how fast the product comes out. So that means i have to waste abit which is pretty annoying. And it's pretty sticky.The name is Bubble gum it don't taste like it (Which is a shame) haha. They have loads of shades and colors to choose from. I defiantly recommend in anyone trying this product out.

Elf/Long Wear lip liner 

I've always liked my lip liners there's no secret about that. Yet again i have used this lip liner before but not this color i thought i would try another one out. There's so many to choose from.The shade i picked was Mauve Luxe. The color is really pretty. I swatched it so you could see.The things i don't like about it is it don't last long on the lips. You have to keep re applying it through out the day. I suppose you can't complain when you only pay £1.50 . I do recommend this product if you don't mind re applying it all the time haha.

Hope you enjoyed these reviews leave some feedback or just comment. I love hearing on what you've got to say. Hope you all have a fab start to the week. Much Love Amy xxxxxxx


  1. To help de-stress from my looming deadline, I decided to order a big ELF haul today! I'm yet to try any of their products but after reading your review, I'm extra excited for them to be delivered! Thanks for sharing your purchases!
    Bekki / x

    1. Aww no problem babe :) glad you enjoyed my review

  2. I went & did a bit of a ELF haul the other day when they had 40% off. They are such good products for the price

    Hayley @