Sunday, 5 May 2013

Shades 5.4.12

So spring is nearly over and summer is fast approaching so i thought i would do my top 3 favourite summer/spring lipsticks. There all from MUA what a shock haha.I love bright and subtle colors on my lips in them two seasons but it really does depend on my outfit.But i usually do go for a brighter color.I do enjoy trying different
 colors in the summer but for some reason i always come back to the pinks..literally think i'm addicted to the color pink.All three lipsticks cost a pound what a bargain . You can Get MUA products from any Super Drug store or on there online shop.Hope you enjoyed this quick post.I hope everyone is having a lovely bank holiday.Lot's of love and kisses xoxoxoxooxoxox


  1. These look so lovely, definitely on my wishlist as I am on a spending ban xx

  2. mua do great lipsticks, don't they?! the first colour looks lovely x

  3. Love how inexpensive mua lipsticks are! The first shade is just so pretty! I really need to try some of these xx