Saturday, 25 May 2013

Mini Haul

Hey honey's today's post is just going to be a quick haul.

So i firstly went into H&M just to have a look around and they were having a summer sale. Alot of things i wanted the sizes had gone (Gutting) i got one clothing piece  It's a chiffon white top with a skull on it with a pretty head band on it . as the picture shows. I paid five pound and the original price was £7.99. Then i went to the jewelry and finally got a gold chunky chain. I've wanted one for ages but i din't want to pay the prices for them. But i finally caved in and brought one and i LOVE it . The chain was £7.99.
The next place i went into was primark. i went in there for a candle but they were out of stock of the one i wanted. Then i noticed they were finally selling beanies :D I've wanted one for while but never got one for some reason. The one i picked up is a blue one they had neon pink too but i would never be brave enough to wear it out. i paid 2 pound for it.
The next place i went into is Super Drug i just can not go into it when i'm shopping. I'm totally addicted to the MUA Line. I brought two lipsticks and a eyeliner in blue.The shades of the lipsticks are shade 2 which is a deep plum color. And the next one is shade 3 and that's a dark pink. The color eyeliner i brought is electric blue i just wanted to change it from wearing black all the time.
The next two things are room decor things. Today i went to the Range and was looking around. And being me i could't not buy anything. it's a real good place to buy room decor things and it's really cheap to. I'm defiantly going back soon to get more things. The first thing i brought was these 3 flower mirrored sticker things to put on your wall. There so cute and i just could not buy them for £1.96. The finally thing i got was a candle i'm obseesd with them and have to buy them all the time this one was £1 and the scent is fresh linen. it's a real beautiful scent.

Hope everyone is having a lovely bank holiday weekend. Much Love Amy xxxx


  1. i really want to get a necklace like that, with the super thick chain. I feel like its classic, but statement and timeless at the same time. I definitely don't think it'll be going out of style anytime soon!


  2. I can't believe you got the gold chain from Primark! Last week I finally gave in and paid a hefty £13 for one from River Island. Now I'm totally regretting it!
    Anyway I love your blog and am about to follow you!
    Bekki / x

    1. Actually got it from H&m honey for 7.99. wow that's pricey. aww bless you. Thank so much honey :) xxx