Thursday, 19 October 2017

*Mad Beauty Review


I was kindly was sent these products from MAD BEAUTY. I recently followed them on twitter and they asked if I would like to review some of there products. I jumped to say because I think there products are so lovely.
I wanted to give my readers some Knowledge on the company and what they sell. First of all there website is They are all about making cosmetics fun they do a range of products from beauty to stationery. There is something for everyone which is always a good thing. The website is so eye catching and makes you want to shop. That can be a dangerous thing but us lot really can't help ourselves. What I'm loving on there right now is there Christmas range. Its all so cute and I have stop myself from buying it all. What I love the most is that they do advent calendars which is something that interested me because all the other advent calendars are so expensive these ones are very budget friendly. I cant start the review until I talk about there Disney collection. If you love Disney you really need to get yourself over there. I love Disney and have family members that too. So I know what I'm getting as stocking fillers. With Christmas just around the corner and your on a budget definitely get yourself over to the website.

Now onto my REVIEW. All my thoughts our my own. If I didn't like something I would say and wouldn't put it on my blog were it could reach someone that would have the same thoughts on it and even worse allergic reactions.

 When it comes to novelty items I get sucked in. I love it so much, even so much more when its Christmas. When I got this cute little unicorn lip gloss with a Santa hat on I knew that I would like it. I have actually been using the lip gloss to and I'm not even a lip gloss lover but this has been my go to when I'm in a rush. It has pigment and a nice smell which is always a good thing. It's compact so you can put in your makeup bag. Or even just your bag. The lip gloss comes in from £2.99 to £7.99 but the 7.99 are sets which includes Mrs potts and Chip from Beauty and the beast.

I loved that I received some hand sanitizers because I always use them. But usually they are all bland and boring. But these are so cute and I love that they are flavoured and what I love even more about them is that they have a little cap to close so they don't leak everywhere. I got two designs which are so cute but you can get other fun ones. And they have brought out Christmas ones. Usually with flavoured hand sanitizers they usually smell not very nice. But these smell really lovely. I always carry these around with me now and even get some compliments on how cute they are.

I love baths and If I can I will have one every other day. But I can't always afford Lush. So when I saw this and the price I new I would love with. I have used it and it created bubbles and the scent was lovely. I do have sensitive skin so I was a little worried with how it would react but I was so glad that it didn't have any effect on my skin. I got three baths out of this which I love when that happens. This costs £2.99 so getting three baths with the price of £2.99 is so worth is. They do plenty of bath products on there website. 

This is my favourite item. I love Disney and everything about it. Minnie mouse is one of my favourites characters so getting this I was so happy. As a frequent makeup users this has been a lifesaver for me. I have such long hair that it always gets in my way when I do makeup. I also do my hair first so with using this it protects my hair and keeps it in style. This is so cute and makes such a good Christmas present.

So that's my review on MAD BEAUTY and as you can tell I loved what I received. I think that Mad beauty is so different and amazing which I love. Its so nice to have a brand that focuses on Beauty but yet making it fun. I will be ordering some stocking fillers for family and friends because I'm so I'm impressed with it. If you like the look of the site but don't like ordering online I have seen it in BOOTS. They don't have a massive range but it is in there.

These products were sent out to me for review purposes.


Monday, 16 October 2017

Walking into Autumn

Walking into Autumn.

Outfit autumn affordable

Outfit details
Blazer Primark £10 in store now
Top old Primark top but can't get it now but similar
Jeans Primark
Bag Primark in sale for £5
Shoes Primark in sale £6

Autumn is my favourite season by far, I love the crisp mornings the dark nights and all the cosying up. And how can I forget all the hot drinks. I think its just a really special time of year and every year I grow to love it even more. Autumn/Winter fashion is my ultimate favourite. Just because of all the layers and the colours. October so far has been pretty warm. But I've been trying to add the colours in.

Primark affordable autumn cheap

This whole outfit is from Primark. I love the shop so much just because you can pick up so many items for your money. I love finding good bargains as I'm trying to build my collection up. I love muted pink right now. And I'm so glad that its so in right  now. Every shop I go in they always have some nice muted pinks in. I'm not usually one for  Pink because I always think it washes me out. But I really don't care when it comes to this colour. When I go this blazer it was £17 which I do find a little expensive for Primark but when I went in there the other day it was down to £10 which is such a good price.

Primark affordable pose autumn park

When I brought these jeans I didn't think I would like them. I had seen them on misguided but wasn't willing to spend the money on them. So when I saw them in Primark I new I had to pick them up to just try them out. I fell in love with them. I loved how they fitted and how they looked on me. But I did size up on them just because they are very tight fitting. But these are definitely going to be one of my autumn staples this year.

Primark Affordable Cheap park autumn

My bag and shoes definitely stole the show. And would you believe these both items were in the sale for £5 and £6. You really cant go wrong. I wanted this bag when it was £12 but for some reason I never picked it up so when I saw it had gone down to £5 I new I had to have it. I love the contrasts of the pinks and the shape of the bag. I also love how it has gone with lots of my outfits. My shoes cost me £6. I saw them and could not put them back. They are just gorgeous and really make a outfit up. They are so stylish looking and really go with a lot of things. The only downside to them is that they really hurt my feet. But they are so worth it. My feet aren't thanking me though.

I loved how this outfit came together. The shoes and the bag were my favourites. I love how you can get such a nice outfit for such cheap prices. Primark is my favourite place to look.

Saturday, 14 October 2017



Primark beauty eyeshadows foundation mascara brows primer water blush highlighting

When it comes to beauty we all have our favourites, I'm the same I know what I love and I know what I don't like. But when us makeup lovers start to collect makeup we all want to try what's on the market. As much as I love high end makeup that isn't always possible to afford. Because the price tags are way up there. But there is nothing wrong with Drugstore in fact some products actually beat the higher end products. When I was younger Primark was really frowned upon, From wearing the clothes to wearing the shoes. Back in the day Primark wasn't known for there beauty products. And if they were I don't think I would of ever gone near them. Just because they probably would of given me allergic reactions. Fast forward 10 years or so. (Did I just say 10 years) Wow I feel old. But Primark have really upped there game with everything. I love going in there and buying bits on  a weekly basis. Because I'm such a makeup lover I had to try there range out. I wasn't expecting much but WOW it blew my mind. As you can see I have picked up quite a few bits and pieces. So now I'm going to talk about each one in more depth. Just be warned this is going to be a long post and picture heavy.


Primark face foundation setting powder flash powder primer water
When it comes to face products I'm always weary just because I do tend to have sensitive skin. But I really wanted to try there face products because of there prices. So so, affordable.

Primark foundation cheap affordable bargian
Like I was saying with foundation I have to be careful and If I'm completely honest I didn't have high expectations because I'm really funny with my foundations. But this well lets just say this. I use this everyday. Yes you heard right. This costs £2.50 and for that price you really can't say no. Why I loved this foundation because its buildable. Sometimes I just want a light covering and other times I really want full coverage and this gives you that. When it comes out its not so liquid base so it applies perfectly. Its a tiny bit thicker which I love.  It makes your skin really glowy. Now because You can't get everything you want. Well I didn't think the lasting power would be any good. I thought it would just slip of my face. But it didn't by the end of day when I was taking my makeup of there was so much that came of my face. This is why I love this foundation because it has so many good factors about it. Also its really affordable for people that can't afford foundations from High end to Drugstore. Now they can. Because this range is my perfect colour. They do a number ranges of shades which I think is so important. Check in your local store to see if it matches you.

Primark setting powder cheap

I have never used a setting powder till this. I actually didn't see the point in using one, which to me now is a little stupid because I like to own a lot of makeup so I don't understand why I didn't pick one up sooner. It probably is because of the price of them. The ones I've seen are quite pricey. But when I saw this I new I had to pick it up.  Just to try it and see what it would do. Now I'm very new to the whole baking and setting world but can I take a minute to say what a difference it makes. It makes your face look so defined where you have contoured. I was instantly hooked. Now I use this to set under my eyes and to bake with it. I love it for setting under my eyes and I can definitely see the difference in my under eye area. Now I love this for baking to but I do need to get one that is just white. This adds colour which I don't need. That's not this products fault but I wouldn't pick it up again just because it wasn't what I was looking for. For £3 its pretty good and has the lasting powder. One thing I don't like about it is how it comes out. It's so messy and gets every where.

Primark ps range insta girl flash photo powder cheap

I have never heard of a product like this before and found it so interesting and wanted to try it out. I think the thought process of this powder is to stop flash back as I'm sure a lot of us have been a victim of. I was a bit weary of the colour because its so blue but I tested it out and I use this everyday without fail because I've fallen in love with it. I does do what it's meant to do and I love how it gives me the application of a subtle glow under my eyes. Also it blends so well. I use this under my eyes because it works best under there.

Primark cheap primer water affordable

Primer water is such a wonderful thing for people who suffer with dry skin. because it hydrates the skin so much. I was after this one for a while because I had seen a lot of people putting it on Instagram. But my Primark took ages for it to come in, and when I did spot it there wasn't many left so I quickly grabbed it and have used it everyday since I got it. It works so well. It even makes my foundation apply even better. and it makes my foundation not crack which is always a bonus. I love the smell of it and a little goes a far away which is always good. This costs £2 and its so good.

Primark ps sweet peach glow highlighting highlighter

One is a new purchase and one isn't. But lets talk about incredible these are. Yes they are my go to palettes. I love my highlighters and I own so many.

Primark glowing summer ps palette

I brought this around 5 months ago and I haven't stopped using it since. I love how you get four different shades and that it even gives you a little tutorial on how to use them. Also what gets me that they are named. For some reason I always think that higher end brands only name things. The shade that I'm obsessed with is the top right. Its such a gorgeous glow. It's so natural looking and gives you the perfect enough of highlight. What I also love is that these can be used as eyeshadows. They are so pigmented with a little fall out too which is always good. I loved using this in the summer months. I might reitre this for the A/W moths just because I like to a lot warmer highlights. The only thing with this palette that I don't think you can get this anymore which is a shame. Hopefully they start coming out with them again. This costs £4.

Primark ps sweet peach blush highlighter cute affordable

This is part of there new range which I'm loving. I think it is based on the too faced sweet collection, but I think they have done it tastefully because none of it is to similar which is always a good thing. And even better that its got a peach scent and has cute sayings on the lid. This comes in at £4 I think. It might be cheaper but not that much cheaper. I have been loving the highlighter. It's so natural and very every day based. The blushes are lovely too and perfect shades for the upcoming seasons. They are very pigmented. I don't tend to reach for blush but I've been very drawn with these. I so think there worth the money. Even if you just give it a try and you don't like it. Your not wasting to much money.


Primark Ps Customisable Eye candy sweet peach affordable

primark eyeshadows close up sweet peach eye candy

I have a lot of everything in my makeup collection, But the things I have most is eyeshadows. I just can't help myself with them. I really cannot go past one that I really like and not pick it up, It's my favourite item to collect. But these palettes don't break the bank and that is always a good thing. I won't be talking about the customisable one today because I haven't tried it out enough .
Primark PS candy collection eyeshadows cheap afforable
Primark Eyeshadows eye candy swatches

This was there first collection palette they brought out. I knew I had to pick it up because its so ascetically pleasing to the eye but I was attracted to the shades. Once I brought it I completely forgot about it and a month ago I found it again and I used it. I could not believe the look I created. You would think for £4 the pigment would be shocking. Yeah you do have to apply the brush a couple of times but that's just because I love to darken my eye looks. You do get some fall out and the only thing that annoyed me was them sticking plastic down with glue to cover the shadows. When you tried to get it off it ripped the palette a little which was annoying. But this is the same as my other drugstore palettes just a lot cheaper. 

Primark just peachy cute affordable eyeshadows
Primark just peachy close up swatches cheap eyeshadows

THIS PALETTE IS INCRDIBLE. I love the shades so much, I do own the sweet peach palette and even though its similar its very different to which I love. When I first applied this I could not believe what I was seeing. The pigmentation was just unbelievable. The shades gilded on nicely with little fall out and all the shades are true to colour. This also smells like peach. But it is a cheaper scent then the sweet peach palette but that was to be expected. I love the packaging and the over all concept. I love that primark came out with this collection because its so affordable and perfect for people on a budget. This palette was also £4.

Primark cheap mascara brows

I've now come to one thing I really didn't like. It's this mascara. I think its really pointless it doesn't do anything to your lashes. Or maybe that is just me because I do really have small lashes. It just looked all clumpy and it when it dried on the lash, It crumbles all over my under eye. I really do not recommend this. But recently I've seen they have got a few more in there. So I might pick some of the others ones too.

As you can see there is a little brown tube there too. For some reason I lost the picture, But its my holy grail eyebrow product. It cost £1.50 and it saves me so much time. It used to take  ages to create a brow because I have hardly any there. But this I can do in 5 mins straight and I'm so glad I picked it up. You guys need to try it.

Primark lip products ps candy cheap pink

I do own quite a few Primark lipsticks. I think they are so great and very affordable.

Primark cheap pink PS candy matte brown lipstick

This one is part of the PS candy range. And this is so matte like really matte. But I love the colour so much. Perfect for this time of year. Because it is so matte it does have the staying power but I have noticed that it does come of a little when you eat/drink but other then then that its quite good at lasting. It also has such a lovely smells  and it applies nicely. I don't think you can get thing range anymore but they do loads of lip products in this shade. I've got one of there lip kits in chocolate brownie which is very similar.

Primark PS candy pink lipgloss plumping cute collection cheap

I'm not sure why I picked this up because I have used it once. But its one of those lip plumping lip glosses. I think what attracted me to it was the shade. But I'm not one for gloss but it isn't sticky and wears quite nicely. Yet again I don't think they do this anymore but they do loads of other options.


My final thoughts on Primark beauty is that its so amazing. And I love most of these items and some are used everyday. Primark have upped there game so much and would give some drugstore brands a run for there money. I do find its very underrated. But I do think its got time to get really big. Especially if Primark keep doing what there doing. I love going in there and picking new bits up. I think what is lovely is that you can go in there once a week and pick up a couple of bits up because its so affordable. I would recommend this range to anyone. I love how Primark beauty has changed over the years and a big round of applause for what the team have created. There products are so pigmented, they work and you can create a look for under £10. So who doesn't love that price.
I will keep on buying from Primark and I can't wait to see what they bring out next.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Acceptance (my outfit of the night)


Outfit of the night primark new look events

Hello there, Its been a while. I kind of didn't see the point in my blog anymore. But this changed when I new it was the content that was bringing me down. Talking about MH is so important but not something I want to continue on with. From now on its all a fresh start and I cant wait to show you what I've been working on

So today is going to be a first, I have done outfit of the days before. But I wanted to do more professional ones. AKA my sister. I loved how these come out. When it comes to showing me fully online is a little scary. I'm not really body confident. But I'd like that to change because as I'm getting older it would be nice to finally be comfortable with everything. So you can expect more of these. So I don't usually dress like this. But when I had the opportunity to attend the KAT VON D event I jumped at the chance. (Post will be coming soon).

outfit of the night primark events new look

I wanted to dress up a little. Because I usually don't get the chance too. But I'm not one for that much colour, So when I saw this dress I new I had to have it. It's definitely a day time dress that can be turned into a night out dress. I loved how simple it was. You can actually get this dress for £5 now. THE boots I'm obsessed with. I'm not usually one for clothes and shoes, but this summer I've been buying and buying. And I'm so into it. Which Is so FUN. Back onto the boots. These were a little pricy they come in at £39.99 but they are so worth it. The detail in these are so amazing and will definitely be my staple this A/W

outfit of the night primark new look events

The last piece to this outfit is this bag. I saw this and had to have it. it was £8.00  I haven't seen it in my store for a while now. So I'm not sure if they still sell It. But Primark has so many cute bags in there right now. I love how this brings my outfit all together.

I really loved these photos and love how I felt comfortable that night.

I hope you enjoyed this and whats to come

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Life after RELAPSE


Last week i wrote a post about my recent relapse with anxiety. Today i wanted to talk about life after it. Because no one really talks about it. I think  it's important for me to talk about. Because so much comes with relapsing. It's not one day replasping the next day back on your feet. It's so much more and I'm telling you its so hard. I think that when it comes to mental health of lot of people have the mentality of " Just get on with it" which is so belittling and wrong. My life since relapsing has been horrendous. And starting new tablets with the side affects is also very hard to deal with.

Every day is a struggle and has been for the past 6 weeks or so. I never have energy and always really tired. I have sore bones and muscles where I've been so tense that its hurt me. My mind is always racing about something health related and never gives me a break and more but If I wrote all my symptoms down we would be here a very long time. But today I really wanted to get in depth about how it actually affects my day to day life. In the beginning of the year I was so motivated to have the best year ever. In hindsight I put to much pressure on myself. But after years of just going with the flow I really wanted to challenge myself and that's what I did. I got myself a job and very stressful job but I just thought I could handle it. At one point I did nearly 50hrs in a week. I was so tired and run down. But I was managing and actually doing well, Then something snapped, i had been very ill with a chest infection and was still working with it. It drained me and that's when it happened. I had to leave my job and that's when the depression kicked in i would just lie in my bed the whole day and losing interest in everything. The Day it all happened was was of the worst days I've had and that's why i think i relapsed so badly. My body and mind had given up after being strong for so long. 

Those couple of months were the worst. I didn't even think i would make it past a day. A new day would come and i would pray to feel better but i never did. Now it's the after-math of what it's done to my mind and body. The symptoms of the antidepressants  have kicked in and dare i say my anxiety symptoms have calmed down everything else hasn't. I try and be productive every day because I don't want to be giving in to the thoughts and feelings. But sometimes my body just needs rest and that's what i give it. From the aching bones to the fatigue to the racing thoughts i can tell you that I'm a very poorly girl. I let myself start slow and do what my body wants. Because this is how i t all started not letting my body resting and taking so much on that it couldn't handle it. It's very sad that I'm like this currently and only having the one person supporting you because everyone else has given up or doesn't understand and makes me feel worse by belittling me. My sister has been my Rock. And i could never repay her for hows she looked after me.

Now we get onto the now... I'm still so fatigued i ache and my mind races with horrible thoughts. But i have routine and routine is what you need. It's not down to time or schedule. But the little things that make a difference. I do my skincare twice a day. I also do my Instagram. It might seem simple but to me they take everything out of me. Because I'm still getting used to life after a relapse. It's a big change for me and I'm still adjusting to everything. Life has got better but I'm still struggling with the simple of things. I'm trying to be positive and that's helping me a little. I've just got to remember everyday is a new day and I can do this. I need to realise that my life is my life and it's not a competition and I've got this. Mental health does take your identity and makes you feel weak and useless but in fact we are so strong because we get through the toughest of times and its amazing how we do it.

I hope my next chapter is much happier and healthy. And if i keep with the positive thinking and taking time to heal the next chapter might not be that long away

For now I'M going to keep doing what I'm doing and for everyone else battling 


Sunday, 30 July 2017

Relapse (TW)


Never did i think that 6 weeks ago when i was writing my last post that i would fall very ill, And its been horrendous with so many lows. Around 5 weeks ago when the heat was really bad and i couldn't cope with it was when the symptoms came back. When i say come back, I have had this before around 6 years ago and it completely changed my life. Yes today I'm talking about anxiety.
Around 6 years ago is when i developed anxiety and oh it came with vengeance, but i never thought i would have the attack again that lasts months, But 6 weeks ago i had the symptoms come back. And i tried to fight it. But it wouldn't work it was back and yet again i was one big mess that couldn't even sit in a room by myself. It starts of not being able to breathe properly, You know that feeling you get with breath when your having a panic attack. Yes that's what i had. but it didn't come and go i had it every minute of the day. The only time i was at peace was when i was sleeping. I couldn't cope. Every day i thought i was dying. For the first couple of weeks it was something to do with my heart then it was cancer and every other shit thing that came into my head. I was trying to make sense of it but i couldn't. family members where getting mad at me because they didn't understand which in turn only made things worse. It went from the breathing to chest pains to having pains in my head to the numbness to the thoughts, I was scared because i didn't know what was happening, On my 25th Birthday my sister took me to the doctors and he wasn't very helpful, I went home and tried to have some fun. But the week that followed was when it got really bad. I wasn't eating sleeping much and all i was doing was walking up and down because i was scared something was going to happen to me. A week after my first doctor appointment. My sister made me a emergency appointment and there was when i got the results i needed. She was concerned that i was left like i was but she put me on antidepressants and beta blockers.  Since then I've had two appointments with her and shes signed me off and made sure the med's were agreeing with me. She really is lovely and i couldn't be anymore grateful. But the tablets take 6/8 weeks to work. And that's been hard to deal with. The symptoms have been so bad that most days I've broke down. My mental health is at a all time low. But slowly I'm trying to build myself back up because i couldn't cant stay down here forever. 

These past six weeks have been my worst nightmare and to say I've been deeply affected would be a understatement. I don't understand why i keep having things that test me and make me so unhappy, But I've been under so much stress this past year so there's no wonder why i had this attack. Right now I'm trying to get on. But its very hard. After weeks of being so tense and hyperventilating i have given my self a chest strain. Well i think its that. But I'm still having daily panic attacks there just at the not every second. And I'm having maybe around 2/3 a day which is still a improvement. 

This is why i haven't been around and it's made me so frustrated because i had so much planed but i couldn't even think about doing this when i was so poorly. Mental health is really something that can ruin your life and I'm so fed up of having it. But now I'm on med's and been put a therapy waiting list 

I'm taking it day by day and I hope things get much easier for me, For now I'm focusing on the good because in life negativity gets you no where.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

May beauty Favourites

May beauty favourites

Wow, we are a day away from starting a fresh new month and I'm so ready for it. This month has flown by but no surprise there because this year is speeding by. I really want to get back into blogging because I feel so free when I'm sitting at my laptop and writing. So that's what I'm doing. Today I'm going to be discussing my may beauty favourites. I went through a stage with not really enjoying beauty anymore. But over the past month I have found comfort in beauty. By watching videos to buying products. Which I've loved doing. I don't have a lot of favourites but just enough to create a post which I was happy about.


Well hello Peach, Yes I went there, I just had to. This was a palette I have wanted for months but I just couldn't bring myself to buy it because of the price. It would of been a massive buy for me. And I had to think would I use this or would it be another palette at the back of my draw (Trust me there is a few at the back) But I just went for it because why not. So it become apart of my collection and its absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, I'm so glad that I went for it because this is my favourite palette at the moment. The shades are so wearable. Even the brighter colours are which I was worried about at first. because when you spend money on something you want to as much use as you possibly can. I've been loving the pinks because even though there really pigmented I love all the different looks you can create. This had to be in my favourites because I've shown it some serious love this past month. I also keep smelling the gorgeous peach scent.


I'm always on a hunt for a new bronzer or highlighter, For some reason I like to collect them. I don't use them all but just in case I want to use a different one or I run out of one. (That  never happens) but I saw this in the section of the I heart makeup range and I loved how it looked. That day it was 3for2 and I picked up quite a bit. Including two palettes I haven't even used yet. But lets get onto the product in question. I just loved the look of it and wanted to try it out. So that's what I did. I don't really expect much of brands like this because but they always turn out to be my favourites. I think brands like this have so much to prove more then higher end ones. When I first tried it I loved it. It goes on so easily. One thing I hate when it comes to bronzers is when it gives you the "muddy" look. I'm a pretty pale girl so getting the right balance is hard to find. But this works so well and I love how it looks. It looks quite dark but it doesn't come of like that. But I guess its how much you put on your brush. I cant wait to see what it look likes when I get a bit of tan. The highlighter is gorgeous. And actually something I don't own. I usually go for really shimmery ones. This one is such a everyday one. It leaves you with a lovely glow and it lasts all day.


Highlighters have always been my thing, I just think there so pretty to look at and to use. I quite a obsession with them. I usually go for the more affordable ones and they definitely don't disappoint. I love the more shimmery ones because I love how it looks This MUA one does definitely do its job. IT''S so pigmented and give the wow look once its applied. It is very shimmery and won't be to everyone's taste. But it is really beautiful and has fast become my favourite to use.


This wouldn't be right if this favourite post didn't include a lipstick. I have to many and keep buying more, But I always end up buying more because I love them. But I think I need to cut out buying nudes because I really don't need anymore. But nudes are my favourite shades to wear. I just think there so gorgeous looking and they suit me so maybe that's why I keep buying them. But in my defence They are all different shades of nude. Sounds weird but they are. Lets get onto this one. I got this one at Christmas and thought it was going to be to light on me but it turns out its perfect and compliment's my skin tone. Its really a muted nude that's nearly lip colour shade. But its just a little darker which gives the prefect shade for me. Its from Ted Baker but I'm not sure you can actually get this all year round because it comes in sets at Christmas time. I've gotten good use to this over the past couple of months.


Oh, Another lipstick. Yes this one has to be included. I have always wanted to get a Kate moss lipstick from the brand rimmel. But for some reason I never really got one. But a couple of months ago I was look on the stand and saw this one and new I had to have it. Yes another nude but it actually applies more like a peachy nude. Which is very different for me. I don't really go for tones like that. But It actually grew on me very quickly and it was one of the lipsticks that  I wore constantly. Its a lasting finish with a glossy finish. I'm not one for glossy finishes but I will make a expection for this one. Also can we talk about the packaging. Honestly its gorgeous. Who doesn't love a bit of rose gold in there life.


Skincare. I haven't always looked after my skin which is really bad. But it was something I wasn't interested in. Its really actually something I just started doing because I wanted my skin to have some glow and to look all dark and dull looking. When I saw Garnier had released some new skincare I had to have a look at them. And I saw one for Dry and Sensitive skin is which is something I struggle with. Especially the Dry bit. So I thought I would pick these to see if they worked, Well they must of done for them to be in my favourites. I used them night and day and I saw such a difference. My face actually looked fresh and it had some glow to it which made me very happy. Now I can see why skincare is so important and that everyone should use it. I never buy the same skincare over and over again but I am with this one.