Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Three top Spring trends £10 and under.



Spring has just sprung, Which also means that all the shops have colourful displays which sucks you in for hours at a end. Good job shops, You really no what makes a British person happy. Trends to me signifies a lot of money being spent. I know many people don't have the money to splash out on a whole new wardrobe every season. But there is always a but when it comes to fashion and trends. one word DUPES, If there wasn't a thing that you could get clothes at a fraction of a price of what it is on designer websites I would dress very boring because there is no way I would be able to afford anything. Spring clothing has made me very happy this year because its just me. So girly. The shop I got all these items from isn't going to come as a shock. Its one of my favourite shops to shop in. When it came to Pay day I went in and got some gorgeous pieces, Yes of course I'm talking about PRIMARK

Primark is the most affordable shop around in my opinion for trends at a very affordable price. Who doesn't want some trends in there life at a good price. I really had a good look around and they really have out done themselves this time. Everything is so gorgeous and so so trendy. I wanted to buy the whole shop. But I contained myself. I think when it comes to Primark they do it so well

I picked up three massive trends for £10 and under and I couldn't believe my luck especially one item because I've seen lots of places selling them for much more then I got them for. I would say that the trends for this year are Backless loafers, Bell sleeves floral print and over and over the shoulder handbags. That's all I can see everywhere. Also the colour pink. Which is just incredible. And I think what I like about it is that there is different shades of pink which is amazing for everyone, From nude pink to bright pink. With me I usually tend to stay at light end.

bell sleeves fashion spring primark top trends

This trend is EVERYWHERE. Not even joking when I say that. Every shop you go in you will see a sleeve like this. Primark is full of it. From tops to dresses. This is my second to first favourite and I cant wait till its warm enough to wear it. I think its so flattering and so feminine. But it also gives this top something special, It can either be dressed down or casual which is another reason why I love it.

loafers trend spring fashion primark

Right when I saw this trend I didn't know weather to love it or hate it, But I ended up loving it and wanting them in every colour going. They are just so, so stylish and would make any outfit complete. Perfect and so amazing for spring and summer and I'm going to wear these till I cant anymore. Primark is full of these style shoes right now and with different styles, I don't what it is about them but they seem so timeless and would go with anything. And for that price you cant complain.


Something I've never really get is new handbags, And I actually don't even know why. I usually just stick to one. But this year I really wanted a smaller bag. And this one caught my eye. It's floral nude/pink  and small. The reason why I wanted a smaller bag is because I stuff rubbish into my bigger bag. So this is perfect. Smaller over the shoulder bags are so in right now and Primark yet again are doing such a good job. 

So that's my Top three spring trends £10 and under. Primark is my favourite and they never let me down.

Were is your favourite place to shop. 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Hello, (Life update)

Hello, hi , hey this seems weird. Actually really weird. I haven't sat down to write a blogpost in a long while. I just really didn't want to blog anymore. Reality of it is I was getting caught up in this whole world of numbers and views and all of that. I fell out of love with it and then a couple of weeks ago I was thinking really hard about were I really wanted to take my blog. Use it for some good or carry on posting just for the sake of it. Then I decided that I would take my blog to the next step and become a mental health blogger. I say become like its something new but it really isn't, I've dabbled a few times with posting about mental health and those are the posts that I feel proud of. I want to use my blog for the good and not for the sake of it. It's so easy to carry on posting but if there Is no joy then what's the point. I need to go back to the place where I was a 17 yr old girl that was just going along happily posting when ever. Even if the photos were rubbish and the text was completely ruined by my lack of words or punctuation it was still carefree. I'm always the one that always jumps ahead or wont quit something that's become a habit. But to save my blog I need this change.  

Now on for the update, It's been a crazy month some down but also some good. This year I went into the new year with no goals but then as the month of Jan passed on I seem to have some. I DONT want to stick to goals because its no good for my mental health. So even though they are there I'm trying to not focus so much on it. My mental health over the past month has been a rollercoaster. If you can call it that. I've always been up and down with my mental health but as I grow older the down times seem to stay longer which is quite scary. My low mood has been stable with a couple of blips but its been steady which I'm thankful for. But the one thing that has come back with so much power is Anxiety and Oh my god its come back with a few different symptoms too. It's like a never ending battle and it's so frustrating at how it keeps on popping up. It always seems to be when I try and get some power back in my life and it pops up trying to get me to back down. I've been out of work for a while and this year I wanted to get back into employment and actually stay in a job. I am doing myself proud with that. I've been trying really hard with applying and it's working off because I have quite a few job interviews coming up. Even though I'm getting myself worked up at having a job I know It's a positive step to independence especially as I'm 25 this year. Life is the same with some improvements. Some aspects of mental health seems better but it depends on the day. One thing I'm struggling with is the denial of having mental illness for so long. It seems I've had it a lifetime but really its been 11 long years. I'm always wondering what if's and its so unhelpful but at the time it seems like the best thing to do. I'm currently looking into going back to therapy to help deal with demons and maybe put them to rest.

It's been a crazy but quite start to the year and I really just want to improve but I also no that the smallest of steps are huge achievements I really need to start learning not to beat myself up if something doesn't go as planned. It's hard to sit back and think this is where I am in life and it seems so scary too. But I think the positive step is that I don't want to stay in this position and I want to grow and achieve. Becoming a mental health blogger will help me even more. Topics and updates are were I'm going to start in the beginning I don't want to overwhelm my self. As time goes on I will start bringing new ideas to the table. I'm also going to be doing some posts about my struggles with certain things that have been years longs addictions and many other things. I'm not sure on how often I'm going to post but know there will be a post whenever I can. Especially as I'm looking for work. Getting a job would disrupt it. But for now its all on. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

My 5 tips to help Low Mood.

My five tips to help low mood.


Low mood affects so many people and it vile to deal with. I've been a sufferer for many years and not getting much relief from it. Low mood isn't Depression as such. But its part of the family. So it has very similar symptoms. if YOU aren't feeling like you used to please got to your GP and they will carry on from there. Today I wanted to write about my five tips that help me get through day to day. I'm not saying this is for everyone and what might work on me might not work on you. I just wanted to share. It might be helpful to someone.


We all love treats and even more when you're feeling not so good. About a month ago I recognised that my diet wasn't helping my mood. I was eating to much "Junk" and not enough "Healthy" My day would rely around food because that was the only thing that would make me happy. As sad as that sounds Food became my comfort. But eventually it didn't comfort me anymore. My skin was vile my weight plummeted and I was even more tired. I eventually new I couldn't carry on like that and made a choice to eat "good" It's is hard very hard especially as that was your comfort but what you've got to do is swap it with different foods. Have variety and balance and you will see a difference. I've lost some weight, My skin has cleared up and some of the tiredness has disappeared. Don't cut it out entirely because life is too short for that but don't eat it for every meal. It is all about BALANCE    


I HAVE never been into Exercise from the get go. I don't have much stamina when it comes to that. And to be compeletey honest I'm a lazy person. But with some of my illnesses at times making me not lead a normal day to day life I was finding myself stuck at home. And I was always getting cabin fever. A year ago I brought some funky colured trainers to make me want to get out of the house. I could be dishonest and say that worked but that wouldn't be truthful. Last January to March I did get out everyday to exercise but the old habits came back and I stopped. But I realised I was putting to much pressure on myself. I didn't need to do miles a walk down the road was just fine some days. So I started it again. I won't say I love exercise because that would be taking it to far. But I've put it into my daily routine and its making me feel good. Start of slowly and build up.


I'm just like most people when it comes to social media "Addicted" I'm always on my phone checking everything. But what that led to was a very unhealthy obsession of me comparing everything. Which led me into a very dark place. I've always been aware that my adult life isn't the same as everyone else's but something about seeing everyone's "Perfect" Lives got to me. I got to the point when I had to delete the apps. No one lives are perfect. Not many people would put the bad for everyone to see. I think what me and a lot of people need to remember is no one has it perfect and just because it seems it remember to think out of the box and not focus on the pictures. If you can't do that then delete the apps because I'm telling you it will make you so unhappy. Social media is there to document the best for most people. Don't compare because you don't really know who they are and what there lives entail.


Routine routine, Something we hated as a kid but need as a adult. Something that I've let slip over the years and that I blame yet again on no motivation. I believe routine structures your day to day life to the best it can be. I'm not saying this has to be for every day. Especially the weekends. But routine is so helpful to people. I decided that I wanted routine back. And I say this in complete truth, I don't have much to be in routine for. But if we thought like this then the world wouldn't work. I set myself little goals every day to help achieve some routine. They included. Going to bed and waking up the same time everyday, Making the bed opening blinds, Washing and dressing and it goes from there. If I have that in place then I'm usually set up for the day and keep motivated. People with low mood will struggle with day to day things and that includes me. So if you don't achieve that one day it isn't a big deal


When I say kindness I don't mean being kind to others (That's always nice though) I mean kindness to yourself, Your body and mind fights everyday. Don't be so hard on yourself when something doesn't go the way you want It too. Say nice things to yourself. Accept compliments don't brush them away. People say them for a reason. Be proud of who you are because the strength in you is way more then you can imagine. Treat yourself to things that you love, Delve into a book that you've wanted to read for ages. Have that lush bath. Just do something that is kind to you and your body.

This isn't really another tip but TOXIC people won't help your life. It dones't seem that they do much damaged but I'm telling you now they do more damage then you can see. I will leave that there for now because I'm going to do another post entirely on it.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Freedom / Pro Strobing kit


seo ceo Freedom pro strobing kit

Who doesn't love doing the whole face when they have time, Contouring highlighting have been something I have been loving. But finding products that are affordable but good quality is hard to come by. Especially if you're pale and not wanting that whole muddy look. QUITE  a lot of contouring products I have used have given me that look. Which is always so frustrating because it's so hard to blend in properly. So I've been on the look out. Well I have been on the look out for another palette just because I like to have more then one to use. The palette I'm going to be talking about today is one I've had around three months. Did I like it or was it another muddy experience for me.. LETS find out.


I've been using the palette for over 3 motnhs now and I can say that I really like it. It doesn't leave me muddy looking. It has 3 different shades to countour with. Which Is really helpful. I love the lighter shade because I don't like heavy contour on day to day basis. This does its job and blends really well. I have been using the highlight. I don't use this every day but I do love the glow it leaves. It is very in your face. I do love that sometimes but like I said not on a everyday basis. 


Another reason why I really love the set is because it comes with a contour brush. These brushes are amazing because they really get into the hollow of the cheek to create the perfect contour line. I've used normal brushes in the past but nothing compares to this. This has been used everyday since I got it. It also helps with the blending. for a palette and a contour brush this comes up to £10. Which is a incredible price and so affordable to many. It isn't just affordable its a really good product and does the job your after. I would definitely recommend this to all. From starting out with makeup to long time makeup users.  

Thursday, 5 January 2017

My best of beauty 2016



Beauty is such a love of mine and every year I find new products I love. Well of course it wouldn't be right if I didn't have anything new that I loved. I say beauty I mean mostly makeup. I love finding new brands and more bits to lust over. This year was more Drugstore run, but I do have couple bits of high end. Of course I love more luxury products just as much as drugstore but I can't really afford to buy the high end a lot. So many items that have blown my mind. Everything I have used. But there is a couple of items that I have recently brought. But it doesn't matter if I've used it once or hundred times. If I like something I like something. 2016 was a good beauty year. Lets get onto what my favourites have been.

Tarte/ Rainforest of the sea foundation.

This is one of my first high end foundations, To me high end foundations never really have a bad review. I was worried that I would get a expensive foundations and would hate it. And that would of been a waste of money. So it was 50/50 really and I was hoping that it would be the better side. I can officially say after writing a full blog post and given it a good old go. I'm obsessed with it. Personally I love a good coverage foundation. This has out blown all my other foundation. It's amazing for dry skin because it so moisturising and it leaves you with a dewy finish. which I love. It is a water based foundation which I have never tried before. With that I don't see a difference from other foundations but that could just be me. Everything else is flawless. My second high end foundation was a success which I'm so glad about. I would definitely recommend this to other beauty lovers and to people who have just got into makeup. Tarte is very hard to get in the UK but if you fancy a browse at some of there range check out QVC. It's a English telly shopping channel that has a website and they stock Tarte as well as some other amazing high end ranges.

TARTE // Amazonian clay eyeshadow palette.


Eyeshadow palettes are my obsession and I ALWAYS fall in Love with very similar ones. I just love my neutral colours. With having so many the same. I thought that I wouldn't get the use out of this one just as many other ones I have. But This is my second most used palette of the year. I say year I mean November to now. I got this as a earlier Christmas present.. But I've been using this since. Not all the time but most of the time because I couldn't ever use just one. I This is very pigmented but I wouldn't expect any less. Because high end isn't cheap. I haven't used the blush because I'm not really a blush kind of girl. But the eyeshadows are amazing. Some shimmer and some matte. Which is very handy because this can be used to a day to a night and is so compactable. I'm hoping this don't go to the back of my draw. I also love the packaging. Who doesn't love cute packaging. I'm probably way to obsessed with how it looks then I should be. But there we go. Overall I'm in love and it's definitely a palette you need in you're life.

MAYBELLINE // blushed nude palette.

  Yes another palette. This was given to me last Christmas and I've loved it ever since. It's has all the shades I love. But some of them I haven't been to brave to try out. For some reason dark colours are something I usually muck up. I end up looking like a cast member of Adams family then someone with a sultry smokey eye. That's my problem. Anyways I have really enjoyed the shades I have been using. The colours are really pigmented and very long lasting which is always a plus. It is a shimmer based palette. So if you don't like shimmer stay clear. A palette that I'm glad I own. It's always my go to palette. You can get this in any Drug store franchise and Supermarkets.

TOM FORD// Lipstick

 Along side palettes. Lipsticks are my next favourite makeup item. I'm always wanting a new lippy. But I never thought I would own a Tom Ford lipstick and I feel so privileged to own it. This is so luxurious and just beautiful. I've been giving this a good go but also not wanting to use it. I don't really have to do a lot of explaining with this one. You can't hate a Tom Ford product its beautiful and a very loved beauty item in my collection.

Ted Baker (Lipstick)

I haven't tried a lot of Ted baker makeup. I got this from Boots. Seeing the colour I new I had to have it as well as the gorgeous packaging. I love Berry/Nude shades all year round. It's so moisturising and insanely pigmented. It applies really well and as a really strong lasting power to it. Which surprised me the most because of how moisturising it was I thought it would slip off. I've had meals and its still going strong. This is one of my favourite lipsticks at the moment because of how amazing it is. I'm looking to try more products of Ted Bakers because of how amazing this was.

Lush / Lip Scrub


I have never tried a Lip scrub till this and I don't know what I was playing at. I just thought it was another product they bring out that really doesn't have any purpose. But I was so wrong. I received this in a lush goody bag when I attended one of there events which was amazing. With so many lipsticks I use that are so drying this is a life saver. It makes my lips so soft and nourished. What I also love about this is that you don't have to keep buying it. I've had this for over a couple of months and I haven't even made a dent in it. A very good product that actually does something for the lips. And I would even go and say that its one of my most used products. It even tastes good.

Zoella / Hungry Hands lotion.


As a blogger I love to support other creators and Youtubers. I love Tanya's and Zoella's collections especially there Christmas Range. This year I picked this up from Zoella's range. Another thing I wasn't overly keen on before this was hand cream. I hate anything that's sticky and won't sink into your skin properly. I love gingerbread So I knew I was going to like the scent of it. But what I really wanted to know if I would like the product itself. When I first tried I really knew I was going to like it. It feels so light on the hands. Not sticky and rubs in well. It really moisturizers my hands well and smells incredible. This is a hand cream that I love and I hate that I won't be able to get this again. Hopefully she Brings something similar out this Christmas.

Kate moss // Rimmel collection.


I have wanted this for ages. But have never got around to buying it. One for the packaging and two because its so compact and looks amazing. This got into my best of beauty because of the contour. I love it so much. It's so subtle and light. Not muddy looks and applies well which is always good. This is unlike any other contour product I've used and I've really enjoyed using it. This is my go to product. I don't use the blush but have also been using the highlighter which is also good.

That's been my Best of Beauty 2016! What's been yours

Friday, 30 December 2016

What I got for Christmas


ceo seo what i got for christmas

I Thought I would end this year off with what I got for Christmas post. I love reading these posts so much because I love being nosy. I love doing these types of posts is because I'm so grateful for what I receive. As you get older I think it gets more exciting seeing other peoples faces when they open what they've got. Christmas is always special but it goes so fast. This year I'm not sad to see it go because I'm ready for the New Year. Now lets get on with what I got. I had my main present back in October which was a Tarte set which I love.

Light box

SEO CEO light box new year
I've wanted one of these for a while after seeing so many people have them. I didn't want to buy it myself but I thought it would make a excellent Christmas present as Mum didn't know what to buy. This is going to be using for a blog prop and as room décor. (This is from New Look £19.99)

Pj's and socks and slippers


pj's seo ceo primark

It's not Christmas if you don't receive slippers bed socks or pjs. I get them every year and I love it. This year I received four pairs which has set me up all winter. My favourite one is these silk baby pink ones. I've been after some for ages and mum finally found some.



These are so cute and I love them. My mum said these were for blog props which was so cute of her to think about that. She knows I love copper and candles and even more cuter the unicorn.




Last but not least is this makeup revolution trunk. This came at a surprise to me because one thing my mum doesn't really like buying more then one of is makeup. Because I have way to much and she think its a waste. I collect makeup so to me it isn't. So when I opened this I was so happy because Make up rev is a brilliant brand and everything in this I haven't tried I'm so excited to get stuck in and start using it.

I hope everyone has had a brilliant Christmas.
And I hope you all have a brilliant start to the New Year

Monday, 19 December 2016

Microblading // The Latest beauty trend.


"The queen of brows" Also know has Karen betts has 20 years of experience in the latest trend to hit the beauty world in 2017. And that trend is microblading. Some won't know what that is but others will. So what is it I hear you asking me. The easiest way to explain is Tattooed brows. Karen has built her own little empire to give you the best team to create the perfect brows. We all know how annoying and frustrating it is to get the perfect brow yourself. From over plucking them to over filling them. Making it look so unnatural. I feel you're pain. I either get one perfect or none at all. Very rarely I get a perfect brow.

We all think from time to time for something more permeant. The only thing that has stopped me is it going wrong and me looking like a complete numpty. But after reading how this is done and how affective it is I'm definitely thinking about getting them done.

This is how Karen explains how it's done.

" My technique involves using a small hand held device, with a very sharp blade at the bottom which is used to draw on small hair like strokes to the brows. These are drawn on in different lengths and directions using my KB PRO pigments that are designed to blend in with the clients natural hair colouring giving impeccable and unbeatable results. It is incredibly important to me and my team that the  brows we create suit the facial shape. Thickness and natural colouring of the person to make the brows look natural"    

Where can you get these done.

KB PRO has three clinics around the U.K LONDON, PONTEFRACT, CHESHIRE. These are the three places you can get you're brows done. Her elite team either use the micro blading technique or a permeant  cosmetic machine called the Noveau contour intelligent.

Karen betts is a successful business women who has done amazing work with Charites such as Katie piper foundation and that's not the only charity. She's gone on to do amazing work for Caroline's campaign, Breast friends and Haven. To help survivors who have burns or cancer to regain there confidence through micro blading expertise.

Karen has gone on to win awards such as Women of the year award at the Natwest 2014 every women awards. She is also the got to micro blading expert for countless of celebrity's. Gail porter is the latest celeb to be treated after losing her brows to Alopecia.

She also manages to have time to run successful brands. Nouveau beauty companies. Which includes the well known HD brows, Nouveau lashes and Nouveau contour brands.

I'm definitely going to think about having these done in 2017 because having one less makeup step to think about is very appealing to me. Especially getting the brows right. I'll definitely  update you all if I do.

*Press release